When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Necklace?

Teething is a process that generally spans an entire one and a half years. Usually, kids start to develop their


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How to Identify If Amber is Real or Fake?

Did you know that wearing amber jewelry can have health benefits? Many adults wear real Baltic amber necklaces to help

History Of Amber how it was formed

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Does the color of amber necklaces matter?

Amber is is the fossilized resin of ancient pine trees, and it has been appreciated for its unique beauty and

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Necklace? Can My Baby Wear the Necklace While Asleep?

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What Is An Amber Teething Necklace?

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The Main Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

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Is Amber safe for my baby?

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How Long Does It Take For The Amber To Work

Teething is a word that strikes fear in any parent's heart. It's difficult to witness our babies going through it

How Does Amber Help With Teething

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Do amber teething necklaces really work?

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Difference Between Raw And Polished Amber

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to jewelry, but that isn't the case with amber teething necklaces. You can

Are Amber Teething Necklaces dangerous?

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Amber Necklace Surely Is A Wonderful Gift

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The Effectiveness of Amber Necklace

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Why The Baltic Amber Is So Effective

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The Origin of Amber

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The Amber Road

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What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

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The Benefits of the Amber Necklaces

With a history dating back over 13,000 years ago, amber has been used for jewelry, decoration, and medicine in various

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How to polish your Amber jewels?

Generally referred to as "Made by the Sun," Amber is famous for its unique color and eye-catching beauty. Since Neolithic