About Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber necklaces have been worn both by adults and children for thousands of years. Although many people still think that amber is a crystal or a mineral, the truth is it is actually a hardened resin that millions of years ago fell from the trunks of now-extinct trees, over time solidified and became the amber […]

Amber – A Natural Remedy for Headaches

The genuine Baltic amber is well known for its healing qualities. Many people have reported fewer headaches and getting rid of chronic pain after using Baltic amber. This isn’t a surprise given the fact that Baltic amber has existed for thousands of years and thus the majority of its healing qualities are already well known. […]

How Quality Amber Can Boost The Immune System

Our bodies have been designed to heal themselves but a little boost won’t hurt. Amber is a natural remedy that a lot of adults and even babies use to reduce pain or inflammation. Amber in its natural form is a tree resin but it is sold in the form of a necklace to get the […]

The Many Medical Uses for Succinic Acid

Medical Properties of Succinic Acid Succinic Acid has a huge influence on our bodies, however many people remain unaware of that. It is a part of many chemical processes happening in our bodies and the majority of them are related to our metabolism. The largest amount of succinic acid can be found in amber from […]

Teething Necklace from Baltic amber: Information and Advice

In this article, we will cover the essential information about the necklace and its benefits to your child. What is a teething necklace from Baltic amber? Amber is a fossilized resin and the majority of it is found in the Baltic Sea. What is more, despite amber being found in other parts of the world as […]

Necklaces from Amber and How They Work

  Amber is different from other gemstones as it is not really a stone but rather a fossilized resin. In the past, people assumed that amber was produced by Pinites succinic, a type of tree which are native to the Baltic region. However, in the 1980s this was proved to be false and a new […]

What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

  Teething is a process that begins any time when a baby is between three and twelve months old. It is a completely normal process; however, it tends to be painful because of gum soreness and swelling. When children are in pain, not only do they feel unpleasant, but they may also refuse to eat […]

The Amber Road

Everyone knows about the Silk Road trade route, however, not as many people know that the Amber Road trade route has also existed. It is not known when exactly the trading began but it is assumed that it began in the New Stone Age. Baltic Amber was first discovered in the centres of Jutland and […]

The Origin of Amber

Due to its colors and other qualities, there are many speculations on the origin of amber. Some people are still questioning what it should be classified as – a crystal, a mineral, or perhaps a fossilized rock. Amber has a very interesting history that goes back several million years. Most sellers focus only on the […]