Necklaces from Amber and How They Work


  • Amber is different from other gemstones as it is not really a stone but rather a fossilized resin. In the past, people assumed that amber was produced by Pinites succinic, a type of tree which are native to the Baltic region. However, in the 1980s this was proved to be false and a new theory emerged – it was concluded that amber comes from several different types of trees. But the most recent research on the matter shows that this is not true either and that the real origin of amber is Sciadopityaceae which is a type of conifer. It is also known as a “living fossil”.

What separates Baltic amber from amber found elsewhere in the world is its natural healing qualities. In the past, it was believed that even a piece of amber can help to soothe the pain of teething. It turns out that this belief is actually true! Nowadays many parents buy necklaces made from Baltic amber for their children hoping to ease the pain of teething.

How do the necklaces work?

A necklace is made from several amber beads and each of these beads contains a large amount of succinic acid – a healing element. When a necklace is in constant contact with the skin, the beads release natural succinic acid oils which are then absorbed by human skin. After that, the acid begins healing the person from the inside by providing relief from pain as well as easing stress.

To achieve the best results, your child must wear the necklace as often as possible. However, do not forget to take it off before bedtime to avoid accidental strangulation. Also, keep an eye on your child while they wear the necklace to prevent any accidents.

Succinic acid – what is it?

As was mentioned before, Baltic amber contains a large amount of succinic acid – a type of heating element. This acid has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities which help to alleviate the pain caused by teething. Moreover, necklaces made from authentic Baltic amber can help to deal with other medical conditions such as migraines.

Succinic acid is not a stranger in the medical world. Actually, it’s the opposite – nowadays it is included various immune system medicaments due to its ability to treat various diseases. Moreover, it is known to strengthen the body’s immune system.

You may think – if amber has such amazing healing qualities, why this wasn’t known before? The answer is – it actually has been known for millions of years. What is more, it was commonly used to help ease the pain and fever of children. As soon as amber comes in contact with human skin, it releases its healing acid which makes amber a wonderful and completely natural remedy.

Some people have claimed that after wearing necklaces from Baltic amber for some time, they noticed a significant improvement in their thyroid function. If you have problems with your thyroid and take medicine, you must consult your doctor first before applying amber therapy as it may conflict with your medicaments. Do not stop taking your medicine without consulting your doctor either, even if you think you are alright now.

One must not forget that only genuine Baltic amber contains succinic acid. Be cautious when buying online and offline. Always buy amber only from reputable sellers and always ask for a certificate of authenticity which confirms that the piece you want is, in fact, genuine amber and not a fake.

How to wear a necklace?

It is suggested to wear the necklace every day. Also, keep in mind that while amber is completely natural and non-toxic, you must not allow your child to chew the beads. They may fall and cause a choking accident. However, the necklaces are light, and the child usually does not even notice they are wearing one. This is great because then the child won’t get distracted by it and try to chew or swallow the beads.

The effects can be observed anywhere from a few hours until a few days, it all depends on the individual child and their problems.

What if a child swallows a bead?

Amber is non-toxic, and the beads usually are small enough to pass through the child’s system. Despite that, you should always keep an eye on your child while they are wearing a necklace. That way you can prevent the accident from occurring.

Who can wear these necklaces?

There is no age restriction – people of all ages are welcome to wear necklaces made from Baltic amber. Do keep in mind that to get the best experience, a necklace must be in contact with the skin and worn regularly.


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