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We know what it’s like to see baby with red cheeks, drooling the river and see him/her uncomfortable.  We spend SO much time freezing toys, frequently changing wet bibs to dry ones, and getting more cold bagels. All to help find some sort of relief for your precious teething baby. We didn’t want to use any medicine and started to look for alternatives.

After rigorous research quality and safety testing we started to make amber teething necklaces ourselves. Received immediate positive feedback…. When you make the products for the ones you love – you make them best quality you can. That’s what we do.

Enjoy marvel created by nature, which not only helps our babies, but look stylish too and Get back to Super Mom status!

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Once I put it on him, within 24 hours his drool was completely gone. Two days later he cut his first tooth. We had no idea that he was even teething to the point where a tooth was about to come through.I was so excited and relieved.

Agnes Verified Buyer

These are safe and works wonders! She doesn’t even notice she wears it. We wrap it twice around the ankle during the night and noticed a huge difference.

Jessica Verified Buyer

This is the only teething accessory which seems to work for us. Love the fact these beads were part of trees million years ago. He walks in style like no others too!

Lily Verified Buyer

Why Baltic Proud ?


All Baltic Proud amber jewelry are carefully selected, handpicked and safety tested to exceed the highest security standards and YES all amber necklaces are safe when worn correctly and supervised!


It comes in a standard size 12.5″ necklaces and 5″ bracelets/anklets which fit most of the babies. If the jewelry is too small or too big – we got you covered. All exchanges are FREE of charge.


It comes in a standard size 12.5″ necklaces and 5″ bracelets/anklets which fit most of the babies. If the jewelry is too small or too big – we got you covered. All exchanges are FREE of charge.


A lot of fake amber out on the market. We ensure all amber jewelry made by Baltic Proud are pure 100% Baltic region certificated amber. You can make salt water test at home to confirm it’s real or money back guarantee!


Warm skin release the active ingredient in amber which is succinic acid, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects – perfect to soothe a teething baby.


Warm skin release the active ingredient in amber which is succinic acid, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects – perfect to soothe a teething baby.

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Story of Amber

Frequently asked questions

Is Amber safe for my baby?

Is Amber safe for my baby?

In recent times, quite a number of questions have been raised on the safeness of amber product use, in babies. These concerns are significantly fueled by the recorded or supposed hazards of amber teething necklace use- many of which have been however linked to unguided product application or are in fact based on mere assumptions. Consequently, several opinions and rumors on anything amber for babies, has successfully left more people confused than enlightened, therefore, a valid reason why it is important for every mother to understand what amber products really are, and to know their safeness levels in terms of childcare use.

Where Does Amber Come From?

Where Does Amber Come From?

There are majorly five forms of amber but Baltic amber is that which is generally recognized and is commonly found in Northern Europe and the Dominican Republic. Baltic amber can be found in the Baltic Sea and it is this particular form of amber that is known for its healing properties as it contains the succinic acid.

Can My Baby Wear the Necklace While Asleep?

Can My Baby Wear the Necklace While Asleep?

It may be tempting to keep your child’s amber teething necklace on while they sleep so that they can have a peaceful, fuss-free sleep, but it is highly recommended to remove your baby’s amber teething necklace while they sleep, for safety purposes. It is a possibility for the amber teething necklace to get wrapped around your baby’s neck in a dangerous way during sleep, so it should always be removed.

What Is An Amber Teething Necklace?

What Is An Amber Teething Necklace?

Amber teething necklace has been used for many years by parents seeking new means to help soothe their teething children. They are usually made of Baltic Amber, which is gotten from the dark, cold forests of the Baltic regions. Baltic  Amber or Baltic gold, is known for having high levels of Succinic acid, which can be anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, full of antioxidants and calming and soothing. They are usually available in a variety of colors; brown, black, red, yellow and white. Because of its numerous benefits, Baltic Amber is a major ingredient in different forms of Chinese medicine.

The Main Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

The Main Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber teething necklaces help to soothe and relieve the pain or discomfort that the teething phase causes to your baby. When worn around the neck, the heat of your baby’s body warms it up, thereby releasing succinic acids that go right into the bloodstream and ease pains.

Succinic Acid And Its Many Medical Uses

Succinic Acid And Its Many Medical Uses

One of the most impressive uses of succinic acid is its use in reducing irritability and fussiness in teething babies. It is used as a component of baltic amber necklaces which are worn on the neck of teething babies. While in contact with the warmth of the baby’s body, the succinic acid in the necklace is absorbed through the baby’s skin and helps to reduce irritability and discomfort. This practice has been embraced by many mothers all over the world whose babies have benefitted from the incredible properties of succinic acid.



It’s a natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. You must give it a time to allow the succinite element, absorb and build up in the system. Every baby is a different case how long it will take to see the difference. On some babies you can feel the difference right away while on others it takes days to see the difference depending on babies natural immune system.

My amber necklace got wet. Does this make it ineffective?

My amber necklace got wet. Does this make it ineffective?

If your amber necklace got wet let it dry on the sun and it won’t affect the amber itself. Don’t use any chemicals to wash the amber though.

Are Amber Teething Necklaces dangerous?

Are Amber Teething Necklaces dangerous?

Choking, strangulation, swallowing foreign substances are some of the fears amber teething necklaces incites in mothers and fathers.  So therefore in lieu of all these listed; producers and distributors have aimed to finally provide several versions of amber teething necklaces that allay controversial feedback while providing excellent relief to infant teething ache.

  1. Amber teething necklaces now come with a safety screw clasps meaning parents can now suppress their fears of what comes next when their babies get tangled up during playtime and stuck by the string holding the neck piece together.
  2. Double knotted string: This is a more advanced version for babies that have grown their upper and lower front teeth. This is because they are able to employ the use of their milk teeth to tear into the string and could ingest the non-digestible amber stone.
  3. These necklaces come with a length that makes it hard to put in the mouth and comfortable to wear for babies.
  4. The acceptable shades of amber(brown or yellow)are so popularized that it makes circulation of their rare noxious contemporaries expensive to obtain.

Make sure to don’t leave the baby unattended while wearing the necklace and take it off during the nap and night time. Also you can wrap the necklace around the ankle any time.

Do amber teething necklaces really work?

Do amber teething necklaces really work?

After many millions of years, fossilized resin produces amber. The natural amber composition in the amber teething necklace is what gives it its healing properties. The amber on the necklace contains an analgesic that helps relieve your child when it is released into the bloodstream. This is called succinic acid. Most amber teething necklaces contain up to 8% of the acid. When an amber teething necklace is placed against the skin, it heats up. It releases oils containing succinic acid. It is then absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. This is what actually helps to ease your teething baby’s pain.

You should also know

Identifying real vs fake

Before going on to buy just any amber product on the market, it is important to have known the ideal methods for identifying real amber, as well as the wrong ways to do so. This would help you make the right choice of product- since making a wrong choice is sure to negatively affect the results you were expecting to get. Basically, amber teething necklace made from amber derivatives of Lithuania Baltic, are hinted to be the best you can go for. However, identifying them is now the source of concern.

How it was formed

Amber is an organically gotten gemstone derived from fossilized tree resins, the amber is widely appreciated for its beauty and its healing abilities. Its made into different decorative pieces, ornaments, and pieces of jewelry. The Baltic amber especially is credited for its healing abilities and is made into a necklace for these abilities to fully manifest in the wearer. It comes in different colors, from the rarest of them being the white, followed by the red, blue, black, and down to the popular ones being the green and the honey yellow the most popular and one of the most expensive amber there is.

Advice guide

For parents who believe in natural treatment, the Amber Teething necklace is said to be a therapeutic bead. It is made from the sap of trees that have been cut down and this sap is left to solidify and then polished to form the amber used to make the teething necklace. The amber teething necklace has minerals, oils, and agents that are beneficial to the baby as they are absorbed into the skin when worn. The amber teething necklace is worn by babies who are teething by mothers believe that the amber helps relieve babies of pain and discomfort they feel from teething. However, amber is delicate and it requires proper care to keep it in good condition.

My favorite Gift

The Amber teething necklace is something every mom should get for her baby. The simple word “teething”, can bring back sad memories for parents who have passed through the teething stage with their babies, even if it’s been some years back. The pains that baby goes through is just something you shouldn’t let happen again, the frustration, countless mid-night cries that keep you all awake, this isn’t just something you should let happen to any baby at all. The awareness of this pain reliever, Amber teething necklace needs to be created.

How to Relieve the Pain?

Every baby goes through the teething phase. Most babies usually start teething at six months and slightly above. The teething phase is a very uncomfortable time for babies. They fuss, drool a lot, experience rashes from excess drooling and are constantly in pain and discomfort. They also cry a lot during this phase and are usually very cranky. This phase is a very hectic one for parents as you can’t stand the sight of your little bundle of joy being in so much pain. Thus, every parent’s natural instinct is to find out ways to relieve the pain. A lot of parents have found solace in amber teething necklaces.

Color matter?

Red, blue, yellow, brown and even black. these are all colors amber teething necklaces come in. You might have heard that when picking out an amber teething necklace, you should not only pick the color you like best. It is a common belief that the color determines its effectiveness. The amber teething necklaces are made from Baltic amber. So it is expected that they should be the same in composition. However, it has been proven that lighter shades give out more succinic acid than darker shades.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

With every stage of growth in a child comes a new challenge with each more daunting than the former. Teething has always been a major source of concern for parents as it brings discomfort to their children. Various solutions have been put forward in order to soothe the child’s pain ranging from chew toys to conventional teething medicine and now an Amber Teething Necklace. This unconventional means of relief for children during teething has been widely accepted by some parents while others view it as a threat to the safety of their children.

Necklace vs Medication Ointment

If you have ever been around babies when they are teething, then you must have noticed how the process can cause them a lot of discomfort. There’s the excessive drooling, the absence of sleep, the fever, the lack of appetite, the pains and the inflammations. Going on, in a bid to alleviate the pain for the babies and guarantee parents peace of mind, several remedies have been invented, some of which are amber teething necklaces and medications/ointment. Now the question arises on which is preferable for the teething process between medications/ointment and amber teething necklace. In this write up, we would be giving an answer.

Teething symptoms

Babies cry for a lot of things ranging from hunger pangs to foot itch, gum ache or even general fussiness. But how do you as a parent differentiate between each bawl? How do you recognize the foundation of such, in this case teething?
Teething is an important stage in infant growth, one that parents look forward to. Although a painful experience for the baby, it is a welcome change from toothless gums.Knowing the signs and symptoms of when your baby is growing their first set of tooth when to start investing in amber teething necklaces and other chewable teething toys that can help relieve the pain is quite important.

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