Mermaid Jūratė lived under the Baltic Sea in a beautiful amber castle. She ruled the sea and all of the sea-life. One day a young fisherman named Kastytis was disturbing the peace by catching a lot of fish. Jūratė decided to punish him and restore the peace, but she fell in love with the handsome young fisherman instead. They spent many happy times in her castle under the sea until Perkūnas, the thunder-god, found out that the immortal goddess had fallen in love with a mortal man. He became furious and struck the amber castle. It exploded into millions of pieces. Then Jūratė was chained to the ruins of her castle on the seafloor by Perkūnas.

Nowadays, we often find little pieces of amber washed ashore on the pristine beaches of Lithuania. According to an old folk tale, the pieces of amber we find are the tears the underwater goddess Jurate, crying for Kastytis, her lost love.

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