How to take care of your Amber jewels?

Generally referred to as “Made by the Sun,” Amber is famous for its unique color and eye-catching beauty. Since Neolithic times, it has been enjoying its fair share of fame. Due to its three-dimensional window that provides you with an insight into the prehistoric ecosystems, it is quite valuable for scientists as well. It contains many plant and animal inclusions that make it unbelievably special; it is like a window to history. This beautiful gemstone is not only used in jewelry pieces but, its usage in decorative items is also pretty common. Due to its heavenly glow and sunlight vibes, it is widely used in jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc.

In this article, we will tell you a lot about this beautiful gemstone.

What is the special meaning behind Amber Jewels?

Amber is considered to be one of the most ancient gemstones. It is centuries and eons-old! It is considered to be filled with earthly wisdom and encapsulating nature’s vibes. Some schools of thought believe that there is a myriad of magical, enchanting, powerful properties. You would often find some tiny insects stranded inside the amber, and it is believed that these insects were trapped when amber was still in the state of a tree raisin. Their bright and sunny warm colors are considered to be one of its special qualities as well. The most widely admired Amber comes in warms hues such as yellowish, orange tones along with the subtle hint of sunny brown. It is vibrant in colors and gives off quite soothing and warm vibes.

What is Amber Good for?

It is believed that Amber is the gemstone of the sun, encapsulating the properties of the sun itself. It makes the wearer feel warm, cheerful and protected. Some other properties that you will find in this precious stone are that it is thought to possess healing and protective powers due to its old nature. There are a lot of different properties, along with its charming beauty. It helps you balance your emotions, attracts great luck, and dissolves negative and wicked energy. It also wipes off fears, clears your complex thoughts, and relieves headaches effectively. It also helps develop qualities such as patience and wisdom, owing to its positive and warm energy. Another quite interesting usage of Amber necklaces is that they are often considered a soothing remedy for easing babies’ teething pain. There are specially designed Holistic Amber teething necklaces, anklets, and bracelets that are worn by babies and mothers, as they tend to ease their pain. As per common belief, the heat from the babies’ body heats the gemstone, and as a result, it releases a specific type of oil that contains an acid known as Succinic Acid. This acid helps in easing the baby’s pain by getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Such Holistic Teething Necklaces are heavily praised by moms owing to their soothing and calming properties. Amber jewelry is a great way of treating the babies’ irritant red cheeks owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the child’s pain and inflammation within a short period of time. Even in adults, Amber jewelry expedites the healing process and reduces feelings of anxiety and panic. It also boosts the immune system, both in babies and adults alike. It’s a jackpot gemstone!

How to take care of your Amber Necklace?

It is a fact that even though Amber is considered to be the stone of the sun, yet it is sensitive to the penetrating direct sunrays and sunlight. It is strictly advised to keep it safe from direct sunlight and always remember to remove your amber jewelry before sunbathing to avoid damage. Owing to its sensitive nature, make sure to never expose it to climatic extremities and harshness, including heat. Amber is pretty soft compared to other gemstones; that is why you should always take a little extra care of your precious jewel by keeping it safe in a separate cloth, away from the other jewelry pieces, stones, and metals. Keep it safe from all chemicals, including chlorine and household chemicals. You should also never spray perfume or hair spray on these pieces to save them from losing their luster. Make sure you don’t drop it or mishandle it, be very gentle.

How to Clean Your Baby’s Amber Teething Jewelry?

If you want to make sure that your Amber teething jewelry stays for a long period of time, you should properly clean it. If you take proper care of these jewelry pieces, they can last up to an infinite time. There are certain important points that you should always keep in mind while cleaning your Amber jewelry. First of all, never, I repeat use harsh or strident chemicals to clean your jewels. Be very careful in this regard.

One of the best and simplest ways by which you can clean your jewelry is, to do it using a gentle soap. Start by taking a bowl of slightly warm water, add a few drops of any gentle soap gel and mix it. Grab a piece of microfiber (Any soft cloth will serve the purpose but microfiber fabric is the best option) dive it into the water and soap mixture. Now gently wipe your jewelry pieces with the cloth. Rub every single amber bead to ensure that each bead is clean and free of dirt and debris. After you are done with cleaning every bead, finish off by wiping them with a clean but moderately moistened cloth. Then let them dry, and voila! Your Jewels will be as perfect as new.

Some Important Points to Remember:

It is strictly advised to make sure that you take off your baby’s Amber jewelry before making them go to sleep at night. It can cause harm to your infant since they can’t be vigilantly watched all night and they might end up swallowing those Amber beads. Always ensure that your baby is not wearing any jewelry at bedtime. Additionally, keep an eye on your child and make sure that they don’t end up chewing on the beads!

Secondly, as mentioned above, you should always take off your baby’s Amber teething jewelry before bathing him/her. The excess exposure to water as well as the harsh chemicals used in the shampoo or shower gel can cause the beads to lose their luster and shine.

Make it a habit to clean your Amber Teething Jewelry regularly to make them last longer. After cleaning, always ensure that they are properly dried, and there is no iota or remnant of soap or water left on them. It is also recommended to polish your jewelry regularly to help it in maintaining its natural shine and gloss. If you take proper care of your jewelry, it can last up to years.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a piece of this precious jewel as well and shine like the sun!


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