Difference Between Raw And Polished Amber

Appearance And Effects

Appearances could be deceiving but there’s no mistaking amber teething necklaces; not when their looks could easily be recognized. Raw Amber’s  undergo a polishing process that evens out the surface of the piece, making it smoother with a porous and dull finishing. The porous surface makes the raw amber come in contact more with the skin. This amber teething necklace has a serene, earthy and natural appearance that’s just adorable to wear.

Raw amber is largely untreated and are carefully selected to face and fit each other in size and appearance. Figure you want your baby looking all good and okay as the raw amber teething necklace massages the skin while igniting a fast absorption of healing properties. The interaction with the skin is unprecedented.

Polished ambers are exactly as you imagined. They undergo a thorough polishing process which removes every oxidized amber contained from the outermost layer. The result is a shiny and glistening amber bead that can almost be transparent or have a see-through nature. Polished amber teething necklaces will always sparkle in the sun while exposing a smooth, glittery finish that’s not short on beauty. .

Both raw and polished amber teething necklaces contain succinic acid but questions have arisen as to the process they both undergo and whether such processes rob them of the acid.

Raw amber teething necklaces come from an otherwise unpolished amber which is held to contain more succinic acid that helps to reduce pain. The acid is easily accessible to absorb by the body because the outer surface though smooth, is pervious. Also, the raw amber teething necklace is more akin to what nature intended. This doesn’t mean the polished amber is much different. In fact, you can hardly tell the difference because they both offer healing remedies. You’re actually spoilt for choices and whichever you pick, expect to experience the best.

Polished amber teething necklaces feature well-polished outer surface with a nice shape and appeal while raw amber goes through some shaping but the finished product will be more uniform and comfortable against the skin. .

To conclude, your choice of any amber teething necklace is just as important as every other decision you take concerning your child. As such only the best will suffice, raw or polished.

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