How does this necklace work?

The Amber is a naturally occurring mineral, found in ancient forests, it can also be found underground, where it’s being mined like other minerals.

When worn next to the skin, Amber is said to have healing powers. It contains an element know as Succinic Acid, this is said to be the main component of the Amber teething necklace, which makes it generally restorative, soothing and calming.

Amber beaded necklace is worn around the skin, the warmth of the skin will allow it to absorb the healing element-succinite. It can work as long as you wear it around the babies neck. 24/7.

Note that Amber doesn’t cure the problem, it simply gives a relief. Several reports show that when the Amber teething necklace is removed when the baby is awake, the baby becomes restless again and cries because of the pain.

It’s a natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. You must give it a time to allow the succinite element, absorb and build up in the system.

Amber will work for roughly a couple of months (6months depending on how it is used), it depends on how well it is cared for, it can fade over time especially if it’s being exposed to heat, perfumes, creams, and soap.

You can clean the Amber teething necklace by simply deeping it in warm water, and rub it dry with a soft clean cloth.

When your baby is putting on the Amber teething necklace you should be around at all times to supervise when your baby sleeps off, you can quietly remove the necklace. Allowing your baby to chew on the necklace can weaken it, check regularly for shattered beads, the knots between each bead make sure it’s firm. Keep the manufacturer recommendation to contact them if you experience problems using this product, to make them improve their quality control practice.

The teething stage in a baby can be really tough for the parents and the baby, this is why the Amber teething necklace is important, as long as it may last, your baby will outgrow that stage it doesn’t last forever. It’s meant to be worn around the neck, to absorb your babies body warmth, and relieve those areas especially in the teeth region where your baby is experiencing pain and gives them that comfort as long as they keep putting on the Amber teething necklace. This means it works with immediate effect.

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