The Many Medical Uses for Succinic Acid

Medical Properties of Succinic Acid

Succinic Acid has a huge influence on our bodies, however many people remain unaware of that. It is a part of many chemical processes happening in our bodies and the majority of them are related to our metabolism. The largest amount of succinic acid can be found in amber from the Baltic Sea. That is most likely why it is called succinic acid as in “succinic” means “of amber”.

Although the majority of succinic acid can be found in Baltic amber, it is the only source. Succinic acid can also be found in animal tissues and plants all over the world. However, succinic acid made for home use is either made from amber or is synthetic.

Succinic acid is an ancient medicine and has been used for thousands of years. It is a completely natural remedy that helps to fight pain and other issues caused by pain. In the past, people believed that gemstone has magical healing powers. Back then the patients were advised to chew a piece of amber or at least wear it as a necklace to heal.

Nowadays we know that amber is not magical and that its healing qualities come from succinic acid. Here is the list of known healing properties of succinic acid:

Stimulation of the Nervous System

Succinic acid helps to alleviate stress and anxiety which are known to be the major causes of many mental and physical health problems. Succinic acid stimulates the brain and helps it to function normally again. Wearing an amber relieves the mind of stress and helps it to relax. This in turn helps the person relax as well. Some people have mentioned feeling blissful and happy when wearing amber. When a person is relaxed, they can cope with difficulties more easily and have a better focus on important things. It works the same way as meditation or relaxation would.

Improvement of Cellular Respiration

Recently it has been discovered that succinic acid can improve cellular respiration and glucose metabolism thus allowing the body to function the way it should. When our cells can take in oxygen and convert it to energy, our bodies get the energy they need to stay fit and healthy.

Cold Prevention

In ancient times it was believed that amber not only has magical healing powers but also that it can chase away evil spirits which cause people to catch a cold or flu. Although now we know that evil spirits do not exist, succinic acid found in amber indeed strengthens our immune system. Due to this, the chances of catching a cold or flu are significantly lower.

Relief for Colicky Teething Babies

When babies begin teething they constantly are in pain. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, succinic acid helps to alleviate pains. When a teething baby wears an amber necklace close to the skin, the skin absorbs the acid which in turn relieves the pain and calms down the child.

Treating Arthritis

Succinic acid is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. Therefore, many people suffering from arthritis wear amber jewelry around their wrists to relieve the pain caused by arthritis.

Helping the heart

Succinic acid regulates cardiomyocytes which means it helps the heart to properly pump the blood. That helps all people who have heart problems. Moreover, succinic acid is said to prevent event heart attacks.


Given the fact that succinic acid has the same effects as meditation, you do not need to be in pain or incredibly stressed to wear a piece of amber. In fact, you should wear it as a prevention. Many mystics and gurus wear amber to cleanse their souls and stay healthy. It is a perfect medicine for people who do not wish to use synthetical medicine. Also, amber is a gemstone that can be worn by people of all ages. In fact, recent studies found that children who wear amber jewelry are happier and have a much easier time dealing with tough situations in life.


As mentioned in the article, succinic acid found in amber has many healing qualities which make it a perfect natural medicine for pain, heart problems, stress, and anxiety. However, it is possible that we have yet to discover the full extent of the healing abilities of succinic acid. After all, it was only recently discovered that wearing amber prevents many health problems from occurring and that it helps not only adults but also children. As our medicine is continuing to advance, we are sure that we will discover more and more wonder healing properties of succinic acid. Until then you can enjoy already discovered benefits and stay healthier.

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