When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Necklace?

When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Necklace?

Teething is a process that generally spans an entire one and a half years. Usually, kids start to develop their first few pearly whites around four months of age, and in a couple of more months, they get a full set of teeth to enjoy the pleasure of munching on delicacies. Although the process is long and painful, often handle teething pain with greater grace than older children, which makes the amber teething necklace a suitable baby gift around the child’s fourth month.

What is Teething?

A natural phenomenon that often proves to be a real challenge for babies and parents to overcome. The process can start as early as 4 months of age, and it continues for up to 3 years. Teething is a period during which the child’s teeth erupt through the gums. That’s when the teeth push out of your child’s gums, which are soft and sore, causing a lot of pain. There is no standard timeframe of teething, but the majority of the babies go through it basically in the first four years of their lives.

This process is accompanied by several symptoms, such as:

  1. Discomfort, which manifests itself in the form of the child’s crying and irritability.
  2. Tender gums, which can be a bit red.
  3. Temperature sensitivity.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Fever
  6. Runny nose
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Ear infection, etc.

All these symptoms are the direct result of a change in the child’s mouth, which is what teething is all about. The process of teething varies from child to child, taking from a couple of months to 3 and even 4 years to complete. The child will get a new tooth approximately every six weeks or so.

How to Deal with Teething?

The teething period is not easy for the child, who has to suffer the pain, but unfortunately, it’s an inevitable natural process that is essential for healthy tooth development. One way of soothing a teething infant child is by massaging the gums. The pressure experienced from the infant’s growing gums sends signals to the parts of the brain that are in charge of pain, causing the infant to experience a pleasant effect. That’s also the reason why babies like to chew on something. If the pain becomes too much, the best course of action is to provide the child with the best medical care and, in times of trouble, help him calm down in moments of distress. The natural alternative is an Amber teething necklace, which is believed to alleviate the symptoms as it helps soothe and heal the child’s sore gums.

What Is Amber & Its Significance?

Amber is a natural fossil that comes in a wide range of colors that vary from red to light orange, yellow-orange to yellow-amber, and light brown to dark brown. Most of the amber is obtained from mines after the years of the delicate fossilization process. It creates a very intriguing treasure that is believed to be have originated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, boasting healing properties. The uses of amber as a gem material and bead material have been found in the mortuary crafts, amulets, beads, and pendants artifacts dating back to prehistoric periods.

Chemically, heterogeneous in nature, amber is a mixture of many hydrocarbons from its fossil origin. By contrast, the light transmission of amber is through diffraction of light rather than refraction, which is the case for other crystals. The range of sources where different colors of amber can be found comprises amber produced from fossilized plants that significantly vary in color, transparency, bumpy aspect, and various sources of the resin that served as the hardening agent. Amber is most commonly found in natural shorelines with exceptional beauty having numerous different sources of origin that are attributed to several plants and trees. Amber comes in many shades of its original color, depending on where it is found in nature. Obtained from the resins of trees, it is commonly known for adding a persona of natural beauty because of its desirable translucent properties.

Amber is also popular for its enormous healing properties due to the presence of succinic acid that has antioxidant qualities, analgesic, and disinfecting properties.

Modern medicine is yet to elucidate all healing properties of this chemical compound, yet it has managed to gather some evidence. There are ongoing clinical trials to study the relationship between succinic acid and the treatment of neurological disorders. The findings of these studies are positive and promising and prove that there is more to both amber and succinic acid than the ancient people knew. Succinic acid is also known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and could be beneficial for the human body. As such, it becomes popular for alternative medicine.

What Is an Amber Necklace for Babies?

Despite parents’ efforts, relieving their young children of teething pain can be a very difficult task to address, which is why anyone who wishes to help alleviate their baby’s pain is looking into buying amber teething necklaces. An Amber necklace is a small piece of jewelry traditionally made from amber, a fossilized resinous wood that is durable and beautiful. It’s produced when the natural resin hardens into an element that resembles a stone. Initially used as jewelry a long time ago, the value of amber has increased in time as it’s believed to have healing properties. The amulet has long been used in Asia, especially in the Chinese culture, and even today, it is recognized as a great natural remedy.

However, amber teething necklaces are not intended to be worn as a toy to be chewed on by babies. The organic gemstone is only effective when worn up against the skin for the children to directly absorb its benefits, particularly allowing the baby to experience relief from teething pain. Therefore, parents are advised to make their babies wear amber teething necklaces under their clothing to allow the naturally occurring succinic acid to be absorbed through the skin and to do its work effectively. The succinic acid is produced when amber is warmed by body heat, which in turn helps create more endorphins, which provide a soothing and calming sensation. Since the acid has an analgesic effect, it actually reduces the pain the baby is experiencing. Amber teething necklaces are so popular because they can offer effective pain relief for teething toddlers and babies without needing any medication or even imposing on the standard medical treatment.

Most amber teething necklaces sold nowadays are true to their traditional form, i.e., lumps of varicolored amber in various shapes, such as round or eye-shapes. Attached to the jewelry is a string, with which it can be worn on the baby’s neck. Most importantly, amber should always be placed next to the skin for it to work most effectively. When choosing the best necklace for your child, make sure that it has been hand-crafted or made from whole pieces of natural baltic beads. It’s also important to check whether such an item is produced from any harmful elements or substances, as well as making sure that the material is sturdy and can be cleaned. This will help you make sure that it can last for many years for the baby to stay comfortable.

Amber Beads For Babies

Made from natural resin, amber represents ancient times, a time when people lived close to nature, and natural affinities ruled well. Today, as many people are becoming aware of the healing and pain-relieving properties of amber, concerned parents are turning to natural materials to soothe their children. The use of amber to combat teething pain is not new but has been around for centuries, mostly in the form of popular amber teething necklaces. The value of amber during the teething period lies in its succinic acid, which is produced from warm body temperature. This process instills a calming sensation that soothes sore gums and eases teething pain naturally. This giving babies the needed opportunity to enjoy pain-free sleep, feed well and ultimately enjoy a comfortable time as a baby.

How Long Should A Necklace Be?

Amber necklaces come in one size and multiple designs. The necklaces can vary from pendants to longer bracelets. The pendants are shorter, requiring only to be placed around the baby’s neck, whereas the longer pieces can be worn as longer bracelets. The standard size of adjustable amber necklaces is around the 12.5-inch mark, which is the length suitable for babies’ neck measurements. Most are designed with a safety screw clasp, which breaks under higher tension for increased safety. Further, the string is knotted between beads to prevent scattering. This helps avoid the possibility of the baby swallowing the beads, which could lead to a choking hazard.

Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

Amber Teething Necklaces have been recognized to be one of the most clinically safe, mild, and inexpensive treatments on the market without having any side effects or causing adverse effects on the body of the baby. The chemical, essentially succinic acid contained in an amber necklace, gets released in the form of vapor when the beads get heat up when worn against the skin. This physical interaction with the wearer’s body provides soothing results effective against pain.

A teething necklace is also a good option as it helps to protect the child from harmful chemicals, to which they may be exposed via other teething treatments, such as over-the-counter pain relievers and medications. As with any remedy, the teething necklace should not be used as an alternative to medication, but it’s recommended that any baby parent uses teething necklaces as an alternative to over-the-counter medication. Amber teething necklaces can safely be used as long as a baby parent understands its limits.

The Proper Way of Wear

Amber teething necklaces look like amber pendants. Before your child begins to wear one, gently wipe the necklace with a piece of cloth. Never use chemicals to clean it. After the necklace is cleaned, you can put it together with the safety pin on your baby’s shirt, and again, you can place it under the clothing. You will know the necklace is working properly when you notice that your baby is starting to sleep longer. Your child will sleep peacefully thanks to a child’s natural body instincts. Some children feel drowsy because they are too hot or have a fever, but when they wear an amber necklace, they feel more relaxed, which is why they sleep better.

Purpose of Amber Teething Necklace?

Amber teething necklace is a great option for parents to help their babies overcome the pain and discomfort of teething without taking medication.

Materials used in the production of amber teething necklacing can differ widely. However, the one component that all good quality, authentic necklaces have in common is pure, organic amber beads. The most desirable amber comes from Lithuania – the Baltic Sea coast where amber is of the highest quality and where the inhabitants have known for centuries how to craft it properly. And while amber beads for a necklace may be sourced from different locales, generally, all of them have the primary purpose of soothing the baby. Whether they are located in the US, China, and many other countries, most manufacturers offer a wide variety of amber teething jewelry, each from the organic Baltic amber and the string attachments usually made from different kinds of materials.

What Are Amber Necklaces Used For?

According to ancient systems of medicine, amber teething necklaces, which are also known as resin necklaces, are considered an alternative method for soothing teething pain because amber contains succinic acid. The acid has an anti-inflammatory effect so that it can reduce redness in the gum area and give the baby relief from teething pain. If used as a baby teething necklace, it can work so effectively that you will start to see positive results within a few days.

Amber Bracelets for Teething Babies

Amber bracelets have therapeutic properties that cannot be rivaled by the bracelets of any other material. Usually designed to match with almost any child’s outfit, they usually come with adjustable safety screw clasps which make it easy to adjust and secure the Bracelets tightly around your child’s wrist. Some are designed to be worn on the ankle, others on the arm.

Is It Safe to Sleep With A Necklace On?

As a concerned parent, you want your baby to feel comfortable, protected, and in no pain during their sleep time and wake up with a smile. For this, you might think about adding an amber teething necklace to the baby’s necklace collection to add to the luxuries and benefits of baby healing with amber. You might be tempted to keep your baby’s amber teething necklace on while they sleep to avoid the stress of their relentless teething pain but is it safe for your baby to wear an amber teething necklace? The answer is Yes!

All you have to do is make your baby wear the necklace like a bracelet or an ankle bracelet by wrapping it twice during the night or even a short nap for maximum safety and optimal results. That is why it’s highly recommended to buy a combination of amber necklaces and bracelets/anklets together.

If you really want your baby to get a good night’s sleep with the soothing capabilities of amber beads, amber bracelets are a great option in terms of safety and ease of use. They have the same beneficial powers without any risk since they are connected to the baby’s skin by a bracelet instead of a necklace.


Amber teething necklaces might be one of the best, most affordable, and convenient solutions available for the baby to conquer those trying teething days in safety and comfort. It has proven its efficiency in time and is always devoid of any side effects. The usefulness of amber teething necklaces relies on how well babies can wear and use them, but certainly, it will be beneficial to the baby’s health.

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