The Benefits of the Amber Necklaces

It is generally agreed that natural medicines are just better for our bodies than other types of medicine. This is because our bodies are designed to heal by itself, but we often complicate this process by eating bad food or cutting short night time’s sleep and as a result we become more prone to the illnesses. To get back in shape we usually end up taking a lot of synthetic pills but there are some natural ways to help ourselves, too. One such way is wearing a necklace made from Baltic amber. Such necklaces are very popular mong mothers who give them to their babies, but it is important to remember that these necklaces have many positive effects on adults, too.

Authentic Baltic amber can be found in countries on the border with the Baltic Sea. This type of amber contains a high amount of succinic acid.

How does it work?

When a person wears the necklace, the body’s temperature heats up the beads and then the succinic acids gets released on the skin. The acid works as a natural analgesic and thus helps to reduce pain and inflammation. But that’s not all! The succinic acid improves the immune system, helps to reduce stress and anxiety which is extremely helpful both for teething kids and pregnant women. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants. Due to that it prevents skin dehydration, helps to fight against harmful free radicals, activates protein production and counteracts hyperpigmentation.

For maximum effect make sure to keep the amber close to the ailment (so you can make a bracelet instead of a necklace if you have trouble with your hands or arms) and choose a light colour (the lighter the amber is, the greater the amount of succinic acid it contains).

Authentic Baltic amber

To get any of the aforementioned benefits you must obtain genuine beads of amber, otherwise it will be the same as throwing away your money. Some people try to sell glass, plastic and copal as amber, so you have to be careful and investigate the seller before making a purchase. Make sure to ask the seller where they obtained their beads and ask them to provide a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase.

The history of amber

It is a common belief that amber is a stone but that is not true. In truth amber is a hardened resin which millions of years ago dripped down from the trunks of now-extinct trees. Amber has been a popular natural medicine for thousands of years and it is said that even Hippocrates agreed that amber is a great natural medicine.

How to use?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the beads must be on constant contact with the skin. Therefore, it shouldn’t be worn over a shirt. Moreover, a bracelet should be worn just like a watch rather than the usual bracelet, in other words it has be to snug on the wrist at least for several hours. Keep in mind that the longer you wear the necklace or the bracelet, the better benefits. Try to wear it daily but do not forget to take off the jewellery before taking bath or a shower. Another important thing to remember is that little kids can choke or chew their necklaces and bracelets, so you absolutely must remove them before sleep and keep a watchful eye during the day.

Of course, just like all natural medicine, it takes some time to see the real improvement but it is a much healthier alternative to fast synthetic medicaments.

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