The Benefits of the Amber Necklaces

The Benefits of the Amber Necklaces

With a history dating back over 13,000 years ago, amber has been used for jewelry, decoration, and medicine in various cultures around the world. Known for its soothing and healing properties, amber has been used for centuries as a proven remedy for chronic ailments such as muscle pain, inflammation, insomnia, etc. However, at present, the most popular forms of jewelry made from amber are teething jewelry items, such as pendants and bracelets, for infants and toddlers.

Why? Let’s discuss…

Amber is a natural analgesic that is clinically proven to provide therapeutic relief. Being a fossilized tree resin rich in succinic acid known for its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties, amber helps soothe the swollen gums by stimulating the release of its analgesic properties. Once it enters the bloodstream, succinic acid helps alleviate pain by inhibiting prostaglandin production, which are the pain-inducing biochemicals that cause the sensory nerves to send pain signals to the central nervous system. Thus, succinic acid gives amber a unique ability to provide therapeutic relief when worn against the skin and is also the prominent reason why amber is used so widely in the production of teething accessories.

So now that you know how amber works and that it’s absolutely safe to use around your baby let’s look at some important benefits.

Amber Necklace Benefits for Adults

Unlike uneducated perception, amber beads are more than just trendy sets of jewelry pieces that are abundantly customized to suit children of various age groups. Typically speaking, amber jewelry for kids aims at providing decongestant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which make wearing amber beads for kids a must-have health accessory. But the many benefits of amber can also be enjoyed by adults.

When regularly worn against the skin, amber necklaces (1) reduce stress and anxiety levels (2), relieve back pain, and promote blood circulation.

To effectively enjoy these benefits, it is essential to wear amber necklaces regularly against the skin. The longer you wear it, the more effective you will see positive results. Also, when sleeping, ensure that the amber necklace is positioned at the top of your chest, as the succinic acid embedded in the beads will be directly absorbed by the skin and quickly enter the bloodstream, which is essential for painkilling and other therapeutic benefits.

In addition, adults can also enjoy improved skin health as a result of wearing amber necklaces. The succinic acid from the amber triggers the release of proteins called cytokines, which in turn trigger the production and release of other proteins known as growth factors (GF). The GF, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the two important proteins which are used to keep skin, hair, and nails soft and elastic.

Amber Necklace for Babies Benefits

Teething is unarguably the most painful experience in an infant’s early life. To ease the pain and promote better health, it is essential to look for teething accessories that will provide the necessary pain relief. Fortunately, amber necklaces are one of the best options available as the succinic acid embedded in the beads has the ability to combat pain. In fact, among the many pain-relieving products on the market, amber teething jewelry tops the list as it is considered by most parents to be the best natural and reliable option.

Being naturally rich in succinic acid, amber is well known for its ability to provide painkilling relief for the swollen, irritated gums. By wearing amber, babies can experience soothing and therapeutic effects (even when lying down), which makes it easier for them to sleep through teething. Amber, unlike many other options available, not only aids pain relief but also brings relief to other common teething symptoms such as red cheeks, drooling, stuffy nose, and high temperature. If you are a new parent, make your pride wear an amber necklace just for a week or two, and you are guaranteed to find how effective it truly is.

As a relatively safe and natural remedy, amber should be given top priority by parents, especially when their babies are suffering from teething. The next few years are crucial, and a pain-free teething period is likely to make a huge impact on your child’s overall development.

Authentic Baltic Amber Necklaces

Among all amber teething jewelry pieces, Baltic amber necklaces are considered to be the best. This is primarily because Baltic amber contains succinic acid at the highest concentration in comparison to ordinary amber. Mined from the beautiful Baltic region, Baltic amber is known to be fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, with a history dating back 40 – 65 million years. The amber beads are drilled, cut, and polished to perfection, giving them a lustrous appearance and smooth surface, while maintaining the therapeutic qualities it is known for.

As one of the finest amber jewelry pieces available, the Baltic amber necklace contains the maximum amount of the healing properties that exert a powerful and positive impact on the body. In addition to the painkilling properties, research also shows that the Baltic amber necklaces have beneficial effects on the nasal and gastrointestinal tract, and can be effective in the prevention of migraines, stomach aches, and nausea.

Teething Amber Beads Bracelet

Amber beads bracelets are known to be a more affordable and accessible alternative to amber necklaces. Much like their more expensive counterparts, the amber beads bracelet seeks to provide relief for teething, fatigue, weariness, anxiety, inflammation, etc. As worn against the skin, the amber beads naturally release succinic acid that gets absorbed by the body. This helps the body combat common inflammations, muscle pain, and other chronic ailments. In addition, adults can also enjoy positive skin health by wearing amber bead bracelets.

Available in multiple colors and styles, the amber beads bracelet is perfect addition for both adults and kids style.


Amber Necklaces, with a wide variety of styles and designs are available in the form of distinct jewelry pieces that can be worn for different purposes. And while some are purely functional, others are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With a rich history and proven medicinal properties, wearing amber will be beneficial in many ways.

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