Why The Baltic Amber Is So Effective

  • Baltic amber, an organic substance, that is derived from fossil resin that is produced mostly in the Southern regions of today’s Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic sea that has achieved a stable state through oxidization. The Baltic Amber has become one widely used substance. Having a complex structure, with a macromolecular structure arranged in a cross-linked network, where the free spaces are filled with compounds of molecular structure. This makes it supramolecular which is much denser, harder, and resistant to other factors making it a good preserver of plant and animal inclusions.

The Baltic Amber has been used since ancient times to make pieces of jewelry and ornaments also as an ingredient for perfumes and folk medicine for its healing properties. It is said to have analgesic properties that assist with pain relief and inflammation as well as immune system support for the throat and thyroid glands when worn as a necklace. Assisting with soothing body inflammation by balancing an underactive or overactive thyroid.

For centuries, the Baltic amber has been recognized for its pure beauty and its amazing healing properties. It is said to have been used to alleviate many types of pain; from dental pain to arthritic pains in the joints, inflammations, and swellings. It is said that the natural compounds ranging over 40 found in Baltic ambers are useful for combating distress and anxiety through massaging or the use of amber beads as meditation tools.

The various benefits of Baltic Amber cannot be overstated. Its level of effectiveness can not be ignored, and this is largely down to the presence of Succinic acid on the surface layer of this powerful therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. A dicarboxylic acid that takes the form of anion in living organisms, Succinic acid is the active compound found in Amber which has analgesic properties that assist with healing.

Baltic Amber may be the only fossil resin that contains 3-8% succinic acid on the surface layer. It is a powerful therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. Plants absorb amber resins and plant leaves are often used as antibiotics to heal cuts or in plaster to dress wounds.

History suggests Succinic acid was derived from amber by distillation and today it is being generated for human use as it is the major reason Baltic Amber is so effective and in demand.

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