What Is An Amber Teething Necklace?

Amber teething necklace has been used for many years by parents seeking new means to help soothe their teething children. They are usually made of Baltic Amber, which is gotten from the dark, cold forests of the Baltic regions. Baltic  Amber or Baltic gold, is known for having high levels of Succinic acid, which can be anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, full of antioxidants, and calming and soothing. They are usually available in a variety of colors; brown, black, red, yellow, and white. Because of its numerous benefits, Baltic Amber is a major ingredient in different forms of Chinese medicine.

 This major ingredient is the major reason why amber teething necklaces are very effective. For many, the effectiveness of the amber teething necklace is doubtful and they couldn’t be more wrong because it can work wonders in more ways than one when it is used.

This is, because, unlike other solutions that require babies to chew on them for comfort, this option doesn’t. Hence, the mechanism by which it works is questioned. They work by releasing Succinic acid into the bloodstream via your baby’s body heat. The Succinic acid then works by calming and soothing your baby from any discomfort they might be feeling. Amber teething necklaces should just be worn around the neck of a child, while you seek other means to bring relief to your child. They are not required to be chewed on to get results. Most parents try out teething biscuits to help the soothing process become more effective. Also, you can opt for silicone teething necklaces for your baby to chew on, or a frozen washcloth that is also very easy to use and soothing in more ways than one.

Regardless of what your choice might be, adding an amber teething necklace to the process will make it more effective because babies always have to cope with the changes in their formative years so you must make the process a lot easier for them.

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