The Effectiveness of Amber Necklace

  • Specially handcrafted and polished largely by Lithuanian artisans, the Amber necklace has become a highly recognized piece of jewelry notable for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects on adults and mostly teething babies. This is said to be a result of the warmth of the skin reputedly helping to release the natural oils in the Amber as it comes in contact with the skin, absorbed into the bloodstream to carry out healing processes.

    Why Do People Wear it?

    History makes us believe that by wearing the Amber necklace, the heat from the body makes the necklace emit oil that contains succinic acid. Hypothetically if small amounts of succinic acid are absorbed into the skin, it would cause the body to react the way it would if one takes a painkiller, reducing pain and inflammation.

    For centuries the Amber necklace has been widely acknowledged for being beautiful and effective in alleviating many types of pains from arthritis in the joints to inflammations, swellings, and most importantly dental pains. Said to contain many compounds useful for combating distress and anxiety, it is however undeniable that the effectiveness of the Amber necklace boils down to its Succinic acid content.

    How effective is It?

    Succinate accumulation regulates the production of inflammatory cytokines that act as anti-inflammatory agents. They stimulate the thyroid to assist with soothing body inflammation balancing underactive and overactive thyroid.

    Babies are constantly in pain when teething. Wearing the amber necklace for babies remains an ancient undefeated remedy used to alleviate the colicky symptoms in teething babies. The succinic acid is activated when the necklace is worn so it touches the baby’s skin.

    The acid is said to have cleansing properties for the mind as it is said to clean out the build-up of negative energy by reducing chronic pain. The beads of this necklace have been used to combat stress and anxiety through massages as the oil deposits provide extra effects when in contact with the skin for long sessions. Many clerics believe in its usefulness as a meditation tool and its growing use proves its true effectiveness.

    Conclusively, the analgesic properties of the succinic acid make the Amber necklace a very effective healing agent and this has led to the growing use of the necklace which is not only being recognized and used for its unique beauty, but for being a great remedy to ailments, irritability, healing, and pain.

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