Teething symptoms and Teething signs- Become familiar

Symptoms of teething

Several signs have been identified before the emergence of the growing tooth. And it can vary per child, some babies exhibit little or no fussiness while some are generally cranky even to the extent of refusing physical contact except birth mother. Here are some of the things to watch out for to recognize when your baby is growing their milk teeth.

  1. Hands in the mouth more and spittle production: Sometimes confused with suckling fingers, babies seek for external means of alleviating the pain and once they find a medium such as chewable toys and amber teething necklaces which they seem to make use of it more also not forgetting the drooling, an unavoidable element that comes with it.
  2. Increased discomfort and less sleep: Teething usually occurs between 6-24 months, parents should be aware of this time frame and be on high alert to recognize the subtle change in normal daily activities. There are more restlessness and fussiness on the part of the baby due to the discomfort caused by erupting a new tooth also not forgetting the waterworks that come with it.
  3. High temperature and occasional vomiting: As earlier stated, diagnosis varies for different babies. Another indicator of teething in babies is caused by a jolt in body temperature veering on hot, vomiting and being unable to keep anything down is another one. Often infant refuses food and this could also be a clear indication.
  4. Crankiness: Have you noticed your baby refuses physical contact from even their fathers well this favoritism complex is usually exhibited by babies when in unexplainable pain usually when teething. Though not a clear indication can also act as a sign.
  5. In some cases, babies often pull on their ears in a bid to reduce the pain behind sore gums and this is usually when the molars are coming out, it is a more painful experience than normal incisor or canine eruptions.


To all nursing mothers that have at one point experienced the series of discomfort their babies go through when growing their baby teeth or to new mothers who are out of their wits end trying not to misdiagnose teething symptoms with underlying issues.

The various symptoms listed above should be able to guide them, familiarize them also on the need for timely response and prepare for them.

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