Succinic Acid And Its Many Medical Uses

The immune system of the human body is the body’s primary defense against infections. The stronger the immune system, the lower the ability of microorganisms to infect our bodies. Succinic acid helps to enhance the immune system and therefore reduce infections such as the flu and common cold.

Central Nervous System

Succinic acid helps to reduce physical, emotional, and mental stress. Many medical conditions are directly or indirectly linked to stress and the use of succinic acid ensures that the central nervous system is protected from stress-related physical and mental conditions that may impair the overall health of an individual.

Cellular Respiration

The oxygen contained in the air we breathe in is transported through the blood to the cells and tissues of the body, enabling these cells and tissues to perform their metabolic functions adequately. Succinic acid improves cellular respiration and therefore helps to improve the body’s metabolic processes.


Succinic acid has a protective function on the muscles of the heart. It helps them to maintain their contractility and therefore enhances the process of pumping blood throughout the body. This helps to maintain cardiac functions and also aids the efficiency of the circulatory system.

Teething Relief

One of the most impressive uses of succinic acid is its use in reducing irritability and fussiness in teething babies. It is used as a component of baltic amber necklaces which are worn on the neck of teething babies. While in contact with the warmth of the baby’s body, the succinic acid in the necklace is absorbed through the baby’s skin and helps to reduce irritability and discomfort. This practice has been embraced by many mothers all over the world whose babies have benefitted from the incredible properties of succinic acid.


The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of succinic acid make it incredibly valuable in the management of arthritis. Individuals with this medical condition can use succinic acid to reduce their pain levels and to reduce the inflammatory processes of the disease.


Although this natural remedy has been present since ancient times, The medical uses of succinic acid have only increased with increasing scientific knowledge. With the above medical applications and other uses like the ability to combat the challenges of insomnia and enhance the process of healing, succinic acid is certain to remain of great value in medicine for many years to come.


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