My amber necklace got wet in the bath, does this make it ineffective?

Can amber teething necklace be worn in the bath?

Well, what happens when the amber teething necklace mistakenly gets to the pool is not something to be hysterical about. It is quite okay to clean the amber teething necklace with lukewarm water and a soft cloth but frequently wetting amber can break down the stringing material of the necklace. In fact, it is expected that the jewelry shouldn’t be worn for long hours and immediately be removed before going to bathe or to the pool.

As for the pool or bathe, the water contains chlorine and other chemicals that deter the effectiveness of the amber teething necklace with time. In a measured time, prolonged exposure to moisture can easily weaken the thread of the jewelry, making it less effective to use.

In all, there’s no to be paranoid if it happened as a mistake. Amber teething necklace does not suddenly become ineffective once it gets into the water. It can still work effectively with nothing missing but in case there’s a next time, be sure you take it off before going to the pool if it’s expected to last longer. However, for it to last longer, here’s a quick guide on how to care for the amber teething necklace.

How to care for an amber teething necklace

Although the amber teething necklace can last for two decades or more, not doing proper maintenance can hamper and prevent its lifespan. Here’s how increaser.

  • Firstly, since amber teething necklace is susceptible to damage by chemicals, remove the jewelry before applying spray and lotions on the skin. It’s one of the quick ways you can lessen the effectiveness of amber teething necklace without knowing.
  • Drying it in the sun can help the beads energy since amber looks better in sunlight. This can be done often but not to be kept too long under sun rays so the beads won’t get weary before time.
  • Lastly, applying olive oil each time amber is cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth can help keep it shiny and new.

However, how you care for amber teething necklace matters a lot in ensuring effective pain relief and as such, all measures need to be adhered to for maximum teething pain relief. And in regards to the question, you can wet amber while cleaning it, but it shouldn’t be taken to the pool or for a bath. Frequent water can lessen the strength of the thread.

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