History of the Baltic Amber Necklace

  • It is no secret that Baltic Amber Necklace is seen as a sort of mystical necklace that helps provide relief and succor to children and adults alike. The Baltic Amber Necklace comes in different shapes, and sizes and they are believed to contain certain mystical qualities that give good luck, pain relief, patience, good health, wisdom, and protection to the wearers.

    These necklaces are said to contain succinic acid, which can be gotten from Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber was discovered over 45 million years ago, as the fossilized resin that comes from pine trees that are found in the cold forests of the Baltic region.

    The Baltic region is well known as a large source of Amber deposits in Northern Europe. As against the popular belief that Amber is made from tree sap, Amber is not made from the fluid that comes out from trees, but from semi-solid insoluble biotic matter that comes from unique pine trees and other plants. The Baltic Amber comes in different colors, such as red, yellow, green, black, blue, white, and brown,

    The use of the Baltic Amber didn’t start in this age and time. In the year 460 – 377BC, Hippocrates recognized and analyzed the potent powers of the Baltic Amber, after which so many ancient physicians and alchemists started to recognize and embrace the true medicinal potential of the Amber. In ancient Rome, amulets made from the Baltic ambers were not only used as protection during the war, while the Amber in liquid or powdery form was used as medication, to protect against diseases and prevent madness.

    But its modern use stemmed from Germany during World War II, where it was used to reduce pain in babies.

    Since then, the Baltic Amber has been used in various forms, most especially in form of jewelry, which includes bracelets and necklaces.

    To make the Baltic Amber into jewelry, it is harvested and fashioned into beads, which are strung into either necklaces or bracelets. These necklaces and bracelets are worn by adults for both beauty and health reasons such as healing of the thyroid gland, while parents wear them for their children to keep the children calm and well during their teething period. It is believed that the warmth of the wearer’s skin, causes oil to be released from the Amber necklace, which would then be absorbed into the skin of the wearer, entering their bloodstream and performing its magic.


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