Healing Power of Amber Teething Necklace

  • An amber teething necklace as the name implies is a necklace which is made for babies when their teething begins, the necklace could be worn from when teething starts to when the child is about three years of age. Most of these amber teething necklaces are made from Baltic Amber. This is just simply the solidified rock that is formed from the exposed sap of the tree when it is cut down, or when the tender part of the tree is being exposed by whatever circumstance. When the sap is exposed and fossilized over time, it forms a hard rock-like material which is polished and made into a bead necklace by stringing together different polished chips of the resin, they come in a variety of colors too.

    The amber teething necklace has a very subtle beautiful look, so for someone who isn’t familiar with its use, it is a common thought for one to mistaken its usage and think that it is meant to be chewed or nibbled on by the child. However, this isn’t how it is meant to be used because chewing on it only weakens the necklace. The amber teething necklace is meant to be worn around the neck of the infant. The amber teething necklace coming in contact with the skin when worn on the neck reacts with the warmth generated from the body and then releases its natural oils which is now absorbed by the infant’s skin into the bloodstream.

    The Baltic amber possesses a substance called succinic acid, this is the substance that makes the amber teething necklace possess its healing power. Succinic acid is used in a lot of industries in the manufacture of many things varying from drugs to even beverages, it is an anti-inflammatory agent, a good pain reliever and also gives a good boost to the immune system. The amber teething necklace has a vast number of benefits for babies, just as stated above it helps reduce the swelling of the gums, gives relief to the teething pain, speeds up the healing process, a good energizer with sedate effect, brings relief to stomach irritations and even fevers.

    Amber teething necklaces having its origin and popularity among the Europeans, have gotten the world’s attention over the past few years. It seems to be a piece of very helpful jewelry as there have been various testimonies of its healing power. It is also said to possess some therapeutic and metaphysical properties which help even adults when it comes to decision making, positivity, and mental stability.


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