Baltic Proud Amber Teething Necklace Review, Unboxing

Teething is a milestone for babies, it can be a thing of joy for the parents and at the same time an unpleasant one for the babies which gets you the parent uncomfortable and worried. So many parents resort to several options like the use of gels, objects, syrups, tablets, and lots of other items for teeth pain relief for their babies.

Now, some of these items might do the work, while some might fail. But did you know that a very good number of parents out there are living happily with their teething babies?. Hell yes! we have so many of them out there, it’s no magic, they just used the right thing at the right time.

This is no other package, but the natural amber teething necklace from Baltic Proud!, pain relief with a difference.

Natural teething remedies should be your first resort for your teething child, more and more parents are switching to the use of this necklace gotten from baltic amber; be guided, this is not a stone, please. It is made from a fossil polished and cultivated tree sap, and we bring our necklaces right to your doorstep from Lithuania; the country of baltic amber.

This alternative medicinal pain relief from Baltic Proud is the real deal for your babies, with its succinic acid substance. Your young ones are perfectly safe with this necklace from us. This teething necklace does a lot, and it offers so much beyond your imaginations, let’s look at some of the benefits of purchasing your teething necklace from Baltic Proud.

A Well Packaged Design

This necklace comes in a very attractive package, you don’t have to worry about the wrapping and all that if you want to gift it to any parent in need of it, it’s like a small box. Then inside we have an additional package like a pouch that has the necklace wrapped in it. All these careful packagings are to ensure that your necklace is safe and secure. The safekeeping of this necklace matters a lot while it serves its purpose. A perfect gift for your teething babies.

Safety Clasps

The amber beads are polished for absolute comfort. Not only that, it is made in such a way that the tight clasps won’t let loose, making the beads spill all over the ground. The beads are knotted individually for security. Then again the beads are very beautiful with their orange color, your babies would even look more attractive while putting them on. It also has a nice logo tag from Baltic Proud. Absolutely beautiful, stylish, safe, and medicinal for your young ones. You need to go for the best of them all you know.


We all know the pains our babies go through during this period if you don’t find a remedy, there will be redness in their gums, that causes inflammations in their teeth. Avoiding this is the best thing you can ever do for your child at that stage by going for the amber teething necklace. It’s made in such a way that it reduces/stops inflammation. The beads are anti-inflammatory, which is why your baby needs them the most. It’s extremely well made.

Reduces Drooling

The drooling aspect of a baby’s life can sometimes bring discomfort to you, but not anymore because the remedy is right here for you. This necklace from Baltic Proud stimulates the thyroid gland which therefore reduces drooling in babies very well. It also prevents any form of fever that your baby should have gotten. This necklace is just too good, the healing properties are wonderful.

Boosts The Immune System

During the babies teething stage, the immune system is known to become weak to an extent because of the teething pains. This is where the Baltic Proud amber necklace performs its function effectively. It will help boost their immune system to fight against germs or any form of ailment.

A free gift

The amber necklace from this brand comes with a free gift inside the package. And guess what it is? another free necklace for the mothers to wear! it comes with no charge at all and made out of silicone. It is safe for the babies to teeth on it while the mother wears it. The beads are colorful, with a heavy-duty string. This adult necklace-free gift has no cadmium, lead, phthalates, mercury, PVC, or BPA, and it is approved for use by the FDA. This shows nothing but a good customer service relationship from Baltic Proud.

Certificate Of Authenticity

Getting authenticity from virtually all products we buy is what everyone wants because it goes a long way in speaking for the product. This necklace from Baltic proud has a certificate of authentication right inside the box, it certifies that the necklace from this brand is made out of quality 100% baltic amber and is safe for use. It is certified by the GIA lab of Lithuania in North-eastern Europe.

Calming And Soothing

The amber necklace calms your baby, it has no chemicals and reduces the pains your baby should have gone through drastically. It’s a natural analgesic product. It also reduces any form of stress they might be passing through. This necklace will soothe your baby and will make them stay happy 24/7 for you.

Gratitude Card

In this box, you’ll also find a thank you card, Baltic proud really appreciates your patronage for any purchase you make from them. You’ll also get a 10% discount for every future purchase you make, this is great really. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with this product.

Easy to care for

This is another reason you should go for this brand of teething necklace. It’s easy to clean, use a fiber cloth and warm water to clean all beads well, and make sure you clean-dry it immediately. The necklace is meant to stay clean always for your child.

The length is pretty cool also, to fit into the neck of every baby. The amber teething necklace from Baltic Proud is just the best of its kind. What are waiting for? try to relieve your child of the teething stress by getting one today.

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