Amber Teething Necklace vs Medication Ointments

How Exactly Does Amber Teething Necklace And Medications/Ointments Work?

It’s no news that the teething process can be horrifying for both parents and child. However, Amber teething necklace and medications can alleviate such discomforts. Here’s how. Amber teething necklace has been proven to be crafted out of fossilized resin which is molded into beads and strung up to form jewelry. What’s more, the beads contain succinic acid which upon contact with the warmth from your baby’s skin gets released into his or her bloodstream and reduces gum inflammations and general discomforts and pains. Going on, amber teething necklace also boosts your young ones immune system and is rich in antioxidants. This advantage which centers on the fact that your child kisses teething discomfort goodbye is a good reason to opt for a Baltic amber teething necklace when looking for a remedy to the troubles of babies teething process. Having said that, when picking an amber teething necklace, it is advised that you opt for lighter colors such as white, milky yellow, lemon yellow, butter-colored, or green. These have proven to be a lot more effective than darker colors.

On the part of ointments, homeopathic, or over the counter medications, they can be used by applying them on your baby’s gum and they go a long way to ease or numby our child’s teething pain. Be that as it may, it is recommended that before using such products, you should consult a dentist or your baby’s pediatrician. Now, let’s take a look at which of these remedies is best preferred.

Which Of The Two Remedies Is Best Preferred

While we can’t argue with the fact that medications or Ointments have healing qualities and give your little one a hitch-free teething process, we must say that the amber teething necklace possesses better efficiency. Ointments and medications wear off after a while and would need to be reapplied. However, the amber necklace gives your child all-day protection from the pains and discomfort of teething. All that’s needed is that your baby should always have the jewelry on round the clock. Asides from the healing it gives, there is the added advantage it has of it passing for a beautiful fashion piece. This by itself makes the amber necklace nothing beneath fabulous.

On a final note, the teething stage of a child can be a nightmare for both the baby and parents or guardians. These horrors can however be curbed due to the availability of several teething remedies such as the amber necklace and Ointments or medications. That said, while Ointments or medications are good, amber teething necklaces are great and they come in a wide range of colors. So you are given the luxury of choice. When choosing, remember the lighter the color, the better the results.

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