Amber – A Natural Remedy for Headaches

The genuine Baltic amber is well known for its healing qualities. Many people have reported fewer headaches and getting rid of chronic pain after using Baltic amber.

This isn’t a surprise given the fact that Baltic amber has existed for thousands of years and thus the majority of its healing qualities are already well known. By simply wearing jewelry made from amber you can feel positive effects on your brain, liver, immune system, heart, etc. In the past it has even been used as medicine – people would turn it into powder and then mix it with wine to heal various ailments and diseases.

The composition and the effects

Although in the past it was believed that amber is magic, in reality, its healing qualities stem from its composition. Amber is not a stone but rather a resin that hardened through millions of years.

As mentioned before, Baltic amber can help to cure and ease many symptoms, one of them is headaches. We all know how annoying it is to go through the day with a hurting head. And if it lasts longer than a day, it’s time to look for ways to help yourself. Baltic amber can help you deal with the following types of headaches:

  • Tension headache. This usually happens due to the unstable level of the chemicals in your head that are responsible for pain. In other words, it’s a headache that is a result of muscle tension in the head, shoulders, and neck.
  • Probably the worst type of headache since it can last from a few hours till several days. The exact causes remain unknown but some of the triggers are hormonal changes during menstrual periods, skipping meals, excessive noise, and certain foods. As a result, the blood in your head swells and triggers pain receptors which in turn causes the pain.
  • Cluster headache. This type of headache is not as common as the other two. Just like with migraines, the exact causes are unknown, but it is speculated that it happens due to an insufficient amount of oxygen. It has been observed that this type of headache is more common in men than women.

The help

You may be wondering what you need to do to prevent those headaches and other ailments. Well, the answer is simple – you just need to wear it against your skin. When the amber touches the skin, it releases the healing oil which penetrates the skin and eases the pain. Moreover, it helps with stress, anxiety, and renews your energy.


As was mentioned before, Baltic amber helps to ease various ailments, not just headaches. As such, it is a popular way to help children with the painful teething process. All mothers who have tried giving their children necklaces made from Baltic amber, swear that it helps. Of course, it has to be in constant contact with the baby’s skin to be effective.

Things to keep in mind

There are several different kinds of amber but Baltic amber is the only kind with these healing qualities, so if you want to use amber as medicine, make sure it comes from countries that border the Baltic Sea. Moreover, some people try to scam unsuspecting buyers by selling copal as amber, so take some measures to make sure that the amber you are buying is genuine. Always ask the seller to provide a certificate of authenticity as it is the only sure way to prove that the amber is genuine.

Avoid buying amber made from phenolic resin. It is just plastic that looks amber. Celluloid is another not authentic amber. You may also find pressed amber. While it is genuine amber, it is made by using high pressure. As a result, its healing oil is also compressed and thus less effective.

The amber needs to be in constant contact with your skin to be effective, so make sure your beads do not have jagged edges. These might be rough on your skin and irritate.

Never chew the amber and keep an eye on the children who wear the necklaces. Also, knot and thread the beads on multiple strands, so the necklace or the bracelet does not break.

For maximum benefit, the jewelry must be worn every day, always in direct contact with your skin and close to the ailment (head, heart, hand, etc.).

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