Where Does Amber Come From

It’s Origin

The origin of amber can be dated as far back to the Neolithic period that’s why in most cases it is referred to as a fossil or resin rather than a gemstone. It originates from plant resins which ooze down the tree, hence contains both animal and plant materials. The animal materials present are from the decomposed insects or rodents that have accumulated over time. This is why scientists have a field day discovering them as it enables them to make researches on organisms that have long been considered extinct. Amber has earlier been recognized for its healing properties as its ability to serve as an anti-inflammatory substance. Traces of amber can now be found in plants referred to as Conifers as they are regarded as the offspring of these extinct trees through the process of evolution. These conifers contain amber due to the absorption of the sap of these trees which formed clumps under the earth for thousands of years.

There are majorly five forms of amber but Baltic amber is that which is generally recognized and is commonly found in Northern Europe and the Dominican Republic. Baltic amber can be found in the Baltic Sea and it is this particular form of amber that is known for its healing properties as it contains the succinic acid. The use of Amber for its healing properties can be dated as far back to the a\Ancient Greeks before it was then used for decorative purposes. After which, it was used to make smoking devices which were also viewed as medicinal due to the acid the gem contained.

How Amber Gemstones Are Formed: Despite its ancient history and healing properties, amber is mainly regarded for its decorative purposes as it is considered a beauty to behold. Jewelers have been known to use them to make necklaces, bracelets and other fine accessories. Amber has its translucent yellowish color from the excess of gas bubbles that are drawn into the sap. Another form of amber is the Green Amber but this is found in a rather small quantity. Amber gemstones are formed from the pieces collected in the sea which have accumulated over time and washed up ashore while in other situations they are mined. They are then heated which makes them flexible and susceptible to bend into any desired shape.

         Amber is one gemstone with rich ancient history and cultural background. This makes it even more desirable.

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