When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Necklace? Can My Baby Wear the Necklace While Asleep?

When Should My Baby Wear an Amber Teething Necklace?

Teething is a relatively long process, which starts around the age of 4 months and your child can typically boast of a full set of teeth by the age of 3. Babies hande teething painless gracefully than older children, so you will want to get your baby wearing an amber teething necklace around 4 months of age. Not only will you get the pain relief effects as soon as possible, but your baby will get used to wearing it sooner and stop pulling or chewing it.

Amber teething necklaces are intended only to be worn and not gnawed on like some teething toys. When it is worn, the natural body heat causes the amber to secrete succinic acid, which is absorbed through the skin and does well to reduce pain. As a result, amber teething necklaces should be worn under clothing, against the skin. Children can wear their amber teething necklaces even after they have gotten their full set of teeth; it does not have any adverse effects.

Can My Baby Wear the Necklace While Asleep?

It may be tempting to keep your child’s amber teething necklace on while they sleep so that they can have a peaceful, fuss-free sleep, but it is highly recommended to remove your baby’s amber teething necklace while they sleep, for safety purposes. It is a possibility for the amber teething necklace to get wrapped around your baby’s neck in a dangerous way during sleep, so it should always be removed.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of the succinic acid in the amber teething necklace while your baby sleeps, there are other viable options. You could purchase amber bracelets to wear around the wrist, or you could even double the amber teething necklace around your child’s wrist or ankle to get the same benefit with no risk of strangulation.

Amber teething necklaces are ultimately safe when they are used in the correct manner, and they provide a natural means of pain relief to your baby while looking absolutely adorable on them. Remember that all babies teeth, but it doesn’t have to be painful for all of them. Look to natural solutions like amber teething necklaces to make your child as comfortable as you can.

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