Is Amber safe for my baby?

The effects of amber use on a baby’s growth and development

Understanding the effects of amber teething necklace on a baby is a good way of determining its safeness level in the child. From over time, the relevance of amber teething necklaces to a baby’s health and development has been tested and proven severally. Amber has a number of observable positive effects on a baby- which has made its advocates to continually defend its unwavering relevance.

For instance, the succinic acid in naturally occurring amber has continued to be an effective analgesic for babies at this their delicate age and size. Hence, all of the feverishness and aches that accompany the early development of teeth in babies, can be largely ameliorated by this simple naturally derived therapy. Considering this function objectively, amber teething necklace could be said to be somewhat safer than formulated drugs- for the child whose body systems and functions are just beginning to gear up.

Additionally, the use of an amber teething necklace for your baby helps cut down on the cost of medication that you have to spend on the overall. This is so, since continuous use of amber teething necklace, seems to fortify the baby against inflammation and swelling- even before the child becomes prone to such tendencies. By this, you don’t have to spend huge on medical consultations and treatments- that possibly could have been avoided. Asides that, amber teething necklaces are relatively cheaper than most other drugs that perform the same or similar functions. In fact, some experts think that sometimes when you use amber teething necklace over drugs for babies, you’re choosing the safer organic therapy, while still not compromising on achieving the best of results.

The risk factors associated with Amber necklace use

For most of the times, critics of amber use in babies, have gotten their reason for disapproval from the attached risk factors. Yes, there are a number of identifiable risk factors of the product’s use in children. However, many of them can be reasonably removed or prevented.

One of the most mentioned risk factors is the possibility of strangulation. A very few instances of strangulation in babies have been recorded,  but this is rare and could be largely avoided with careful and closely monitored use.

Another concern is the ingestion or inhalation of the necklace beads- when they break away. Now, although amber teething necklace is not designed to be ingested, they’ve not been reasonably discovered to produce toxic levels. The fear, however, is the fear of choking- which is dangerous enough. But then, this can be prevented, with dedicated monitoring of the bead- whenever they have the necklace on.

In summary, the safeness level of amber for your baby depends on how much consciousness and dedication you’re able to give to monitoring its use. The most pronounced hazards are brought about, by a failure to monitor the use of amber teething necklace in babies.

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