How Does Amber Help With Teething

Amber Necklaces As An Aid To Teething

    Amber necklaces have been discovered by various scientists to provide relief for babies during teething. This is as a result of the high concentration of succinic acid that is present in the amber which serves as a painkiller and provides relief for the child. Amber is not considered a gemstone but rather a fossil and though it may seem unconventional to subject your child to this method as compared to conventional teething drugs, it does the job.

How Does It Work: The Amber teething necklace as the name goes is tied around the neck of the child. The amber is usually cut into small shapes and can be tied using a string and in some cases around the ankle or wrist of the child. A higher concentration of the succinic acid which helps to soothe the child during teething is found on the outer layer of the fossil. So when the necklace is tied, the acid reacts with the temperature or rather the body heat of the child and causes it to be released into the skin. It is advised to use the raw amber for your child rather than that which has been processed through heating and using the Baltic amber is well preferred to all others. The succinic acid is then absorbed by the skin cells into the blood where it starts the process of relieving the child of the teething pain and reduces swelling in the gums. When placing the amber necklace on children, it is advised to tie the necklace in a way such that when taut could snap in order to avoid strangling or choking the child. Amber teething necklace comes not without its challenges as some people believe that given the size of the cut fossil, it can easily be swallowed. This is where parental guidance comes into play as the child should be strictly monitored during this tedious process.

    Some unconventional parents prefer their child to chew on the amber as it observed to have a direct effect. The succinic acid when in large concentration displays its soothing effect on the child be it tied on any part of the body or chewed on. Understandable that it is a bit of a risk to subject your child to such foreign acts and if unwilling you can result to chew toys or teething medicine as they all serve the same purpose.

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