Does the color of amber necklaces matter? Are they all the same?

Amber gets its color from organic materials that resin contains. It can also get its color from heating under pressure and cooling. This is called polished amber. The color does affect its effectiveness. Raw light amber which is unprocessed has fine pores. The pores let the succinic acid pass through much more easily. Amber teething necklaces that have had its color changed as explained above, have closed pores. The closed pores mean that less succinic acid is released. The difference between light and dark amber necklaces could be up to 4 – 6% in succinic acid.

The lightest shade of amber necklaces is yellow. The yellow amber necklaces contain the most succinic acid because they are the purest form. It contains 70% resin. This resin found in the Baltic region is usually yellow. Green amber ranges from light to dark. The darker ones are created by heating yellow amber. Natural red amber referred to as cherry is very hard to come by. Red amber is gotten by exposing amber to very high temperatures. Blue amber also exists but it is the rarest shade. Black amber is made out of not fully fossilized resin. So the color is not really black when held up against a light. But it is unpolished and so releases succinic acid easily.

Therefore, you would get more from a milk or butter amber teething necklace than a dark cherry one. The dark cherry necklace will contain half the succinic acid that a milk or butter one would. A mixed color amber teething necklace is a good compromise. There will be a fairly good amount of succinic acid present in it.

Color matters in relation to the intensity of pain. A cherry colored amber teething necklace will not bring relief to a teether with a swollen gum, irritability, and redness as fast as a milk and butter necklace would.

As good as light-colored unpolished amber teething necklaces may be, they might be too rough for comfort for your child. The smoothness of the polished amber beads is a better option in terms of comfort.

All amber necklaces still contain succinic acid. Succinic acid is what gives you all the benefits your little baby gets from wearing an amber necklace. But also remember that the lighter the shade, the more effective it might be. The severity of the teething problem your baby has should determine the shade you commit to buying.

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