Do amber teething necklaces really work?

After many millions of years, fossilized resin produces amber. The natural amber composition in the amber teething necklace is what gives it its healing properties. The amber on the necklace contains an analgesic that helps relieve your child when it is released into the bloodstream. This is called succinic acid. Most amber teething necklaces contain up to 8% of the acid. When an amber teething necklace is placed against the skin, it heats up. It releases oils containing succinic acid. It is then absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. This is what actually helps to ease your teething baby’s pain.

Now that you understand how an amber teething necklace works, let us get to why it actually works.It works because succinic acid is proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties. When it is released into the bloodstream, it circulates around the doing so,the anti-inflammatory properties will help your reduce pain in your teether’s gums.Succinic acid is not made up, it is a real analgesic and yes, it is effective.

Amber teething necklaces also work because they induce a calming effect. When your baby is teething, they are very agitated and distressed. It has been proven that the necklaces do soothe this feeling. It even works for adults so you can be sure about every single claim. Amber teething necklaces also work because succinic acid is believed to help boost the immune system. Wearing an amber teething necklace around your child’s neck also helps reduce drooling. How does this happen? Well, succinic acid stimulates the thyroid glands for reduced saliva production. Amazing right?

Some parents doubt the amber teething necklace because they claim it does not start working immediately. It does work. Every teething baby has their own time requirement. For some teethers, after a few hours, you begin to see your child feel less pain. For other babies, it takes longer. It could be up to 1 – 2 weeks before you see any form of relief. It also depends on the extent of pain. But this does not mean it does not work. It is better than a quick fix with chemicals.

Amber teething necklaces actually do work. Wear one around your child’s neck and watch the soothing feel and pain relieving properties take effect. The best thing about amber teething necklaces is that they are a 100% natural solution to all your baby’s teething problems!

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