Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber

    Baltic amber can be considered to be the best variety of amber and even better than it has been discovered to offer relief to children during teething. It is safe, non-toxic and has no side effects. It is regarded as a fossil rather than a gem as it contains a substance called the succinic acid on its outer layer which has the ability to heal and eliminate pain.

How It Operates: The Baltic amber teething necklace as the name implies is to be worn and not chewed. The succinic acid it contains is activated when it comes in contact with body heat as this helps in releasing the acid into the bloodstream after it is absorbed by the skin. The acid has a calming effect on the child and helps to soothe the pain caused by the effects of teething and swollen gums.The amber necklace can also be worn by adults as it also has a calming effect on them especially during stress. It also helps to boost the immune system of both adults and children. Though the amber necklace can be worn on the wrist or ankle, it is considered best to wear it close to the source of the ailment as the higher the concentration of the succinic acid, the more the effect on the source of discomfort.

Why Some Find It Unconventional: Some people find the use of the Baltic amber teething necklace unsafe for children and highly unethical. This has lead to its use being banned from several countries such as Ireland and the United States. This is because it poses several unsafe measures to the child as the child could use the necklace to strangle or choke his or herself when handled wrongly. The amber necklace is rather cut in small sizes and it has been the fear of parents that they could be swallowed by children when the string happens to snap. Others see news of its workings as false and result to using more conventional teething drugs to help their children. On the other hand, the amber necklace has been proven to work and that it could even be used by pregnant women without having any side effect on their unborn child.

    Baltic amber teething necklace continues to face criticisms from individuals but so also does it gain support from all those who have tried it and found it useful. It is then left to the parents to decide which method is best.

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