Are Amber Teething Necklaces dangerous?

Amber teething necklaces

The main component Amber is a deposit from the Baltic region or sea popularly known for its alternative healing benefits for relief of aches such as Rheumatism and Teething pain in infants.

Away from journals read and fanatics that may want to overtly scare away new mothers when making the right choice for their babies with little or no medical intervention. Succinic acid oil which is produced from the healing stone amber and has been backed with scientific research as toxin free, when released into the bloodstream after being heated up by body temperature can greatly alleviate the fussiness gum ache and eventual eruption may cause babies.

They’re not so dangerous now, or are they?

Choking, strangulation, swallowing foreign substances are some of the fears amber teething necklaces incites in mothers and fathers.  So therefore in lieu of all these listed; producers and distributors have aimed to finally provide several versions of amber teething necklaces that allay controversial feedback while providing excellent relief to infant teething ache.

  1. Amber teething necklaces now come with pop-clasps meaning parents can now suppress their fears of what comes next when their babies get tangled up during playtime and stuck by the string holding the neck piece together.
  2. Double knotted string: This is a more advanced version for babies that have grown their upper and lower front teeth. This is because they are able to employ the use of their milk teeth to tear into the string and could ingest the non-digestible amber stone.
  3. These necklaces come with a length that makes it hard to put in the mouth and comfortable to wear for babies.
  4. The acceptable shades of amber(brown or yellow)are so popularized that it makes circulation of their rare noxious contemporaries expensive to obtain.

In conclusion, your baby’s health is your first and foremost choice being that they are not yet mature enough to understand the difference between good and bad. Kudos to you as an alert parent.

If you are thinking of investing in the healing properties of amber teething necklaces for your baby when teething, we hope this article has been able to address controversial statements and finally answer the question on your mind.

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